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When should I reclad?

If you live in a leaky building, it’s important to deal with the problem as soon as possible, to minimise property damage. A rise in moisture levels in your cladding can cause mould and rot to set in to your timber. Moisture filled homes can also have a detrimental effect on health. 

Leaky buildings can be caused by substandard design, wrong building materials or untreated building materials. As a licensed building practitioner, we can assess your current home’s cladding, and offer solutions to restore the value and integrity of your property.

Re-Cladding can also be an option if you don’t live in a leaky home but simply wish to update the exterior of your property. Re-Cladding is usually much cheaper than a full home re-build and can improve the value of your home by making your home look new and fashionable. 

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Increase the value of your property:

Re-Cladding will increase the aesthetic value of your property. This generally increases sale prices and presents your property in the best way to the market.

Opportunity for additional construction work to be undertaken:

Whilst the cladding on your home or commercial building is off, you have an opportunity to get additional building work done easily. Whether it’s a new extension, replacing home insulation, rewiring or a plumbing upgrade, the project costs will often be drastically less if the work is done during property Re-Cladding.

Ensure building stability:

Re-Cladding resets and then ensures the structural integrity of your property, and gives it better protection against the elements.  This should ensure that your home moisture issues are a thing of the past.

Significant health benefits:

Re-Cladding offers a safe, dry home for parents and kids to enjoy, and helps families to stay healthy.

Eastern Reclad & Build will take the hassle out of Re-Cladding your property. Our expert builders and tradesmen will take care of every detail. We can provide the scaffolding and any other equipment provided, as part of our Re-Cladding service. We can even remove and dispose of your old cladding.

Once your new home cladding is up, we will prime and paint it any colour you desire and then clean up leaving you to appreciate the quality finish.

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Reclad house by Eastern Reclad
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Reclad house by Eastern Reclad

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